Tentang Kami

It took more than 30 years of credible experience to construct our identity. To establish the proven quality works of YASA Construction which all began in 1981. Throughout that precious time, our hands have made us impregnated in practical knowledge and right-minded integrity in the business of construction services in Indonesia.

We planned from the beginning that our services in engineering, procurement, and construction are seamlessly designed to add value. Setting the best possible outcome by crafting tangible asset both for us and valuable clients. YASA Construction have gained an enviable reputation through the provision of engineering solutions, prompt deliveries, competitive budgets, and unsurpassed customer service to our clients and partners.

From Joint Operation with State Owned Companies to Private Companies, we deliver more than just a physical settings. We look for the positive respond on what we do as an extension to succeed our client’s business objective. Our initial team members have been participated in numerous considerable size projects. We are the one that built the first toll road in Indonesia, the Jagorawi highway.

Furthermore, we ensure our long term commitment in social awareness that would lead us to become a sustainable company in construction field.

We push ourselves on each scale to encounter every project’s unique challenges. By combining today’s technology and our best people’s skill, YASA Construction is now suitable to expand its service at regional and global scale. To proceed with our proven portfolio in delivering valuable assets that could be yours in the future.

Filosofi Manajemen


Menjadi perusahaan swasta nasional yang terkemuka dan terintegrasi berbasis Excellent Service di bidang industri konstruksi, investasi dan properti.


  1. Mengembangkan investasi bidang industri konstruksi serta properti di Indonesia.
  2. Mengembangkan usaha konstruksi yang mempunyai daya saing tinggi baik di Indonesia maupun tingkat regional berbasis sistem informasi terintegrasi.
  3. Memberikan nilai tambah yang tinggi dan berskesinambungan bagi pemegang saham.
  4. Membangun kepercayaan yang kuat bagi pelanggan utama dan pemangku kepentingan lainnya (stakeholder).
  5. Mengoptimalkan strategi pertumbuhan bisnis secara menguntungkan dalam meningkatkan nilai pemengang saham serta meningkatkan kesejahteraan karyawan.
  6. Menjaga keseimbangan kelestarian lingkungan yang berkelanjutan.

Dimensi dan Nilai

  • BEKERJA CERDAS. Selalu menerapkan sesuatu yang baru.
  • EFEKTIF. Selau berbuat sesuai kesepakatan dan janji.
  • SEHAT. Selalu saling menghargai hak dan kewajiban dalam hubungan bisnis.
  • TERKEMUKA. Selalu memberikan pelayanan dan hasil terbaik.


Jajaran Komisaris

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Struktur Organisasi

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Bergerak Dalam Inovasi

Innovation is a necessity action in order to keep up within the construction industry. We realise the urgency and importance of creative solution that bonds research and development into our corporate activities. This is what makes us into a dynamic contractor company to utilize technical wonders align with expertise intuition that may come from our own resource or by outsourcing.

Our proven innovations have supported various well-known projects which includes multi technical methods:

  • Box and Pipe Jacking
  • Concrete and Pre-Stressing Steel for Bridge Structure
  • Construction of Slab-Cylinder System (Chicken Claw Foundation)
  • Underwater Concrete Injection
  • Bridge and Structure Strengthening
  • Segmental Pre Cast on Site
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